5 tips to choose  chit fund wisely

5 tips to help you to choose your chit fund wisely

A financial product known as a chit fund combines borrowings and savings. For more than a century, it has been a component of the Indian financial system.At the most basic level, a chit fund is a group of individuals or

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 Benefits of small savings

The benefits of small savings: Save small and gain big

When you were a child, did you have a piggy bank? One where you could deposit the modest amounts of money that your favourite aunts and uncles gave you as gifts during holidays

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Reasons to Invest in Chit funds

Reasons to Invest in Chit funds

Chit funds are a type of collective tool in which there are two participants: the organiser and the member. A number of participants come together and decide to pool a specific amount of money each month for a predetermined period of time

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Different Branches of Navachethana chits in Karnataka

Since our establishment in 2009, Navachethana Chit Funds has been offering easy micro financing options through chit fund schemes across multiple cities in Karnataka.

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Evolution and Growth of Microfinance in India

Microfinance is a small-scale financial service provided to people operating small or micro-enterprises or working for low wages or commissions. It is essentially a micro or small primary credit and savings financial service to individuals and groups at local levels,..

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A Complete Guide to Investing in Chit Funds

A chit fund or chit fund scheme is a kind of savings scheme practiced in India. It is basically a rotating scheme in which a group of people contribute an amount of money, and whose corpus is given to one individual at a time.

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How Chit Fund Works with Example

There are many ways to save money and Indians are particularly known for saving money than spending it. We prefer to save money than to invest and a chit fund is a rotating saving cum investment scheme that is prominent throughout the country.

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